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  • 5th August
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Going through custody issues, or having trouble making the other parent follow through on their word when it comes to scheduling or childcare matters?

I stopped in to chat with my favorite manager of all time about a week ago to get his two cent’s worth as far as being a single father and the daddy to a baby mama goes. His biggest words of wisdom and encouragement were, A.) To ALWAYS push for joint custody, because once a judge has signed off on the papers, what happens to the child while they are with one parent means that the other parent cannot control what activities the child does, or who the child meets; as the court had faith in the parent to provide proper care, so should the other parent now, too.

And B.) If you child’s other parent seems to always be flip-flopping what they say, or making promises and┬áreneging┬áthem before they follow through, covertly carry a recording device with you, or, both agree that any time you discuss matters pertaining to your child, it’s done with a recorder between the two of you, so that there is a definitive, time-stamped history of EXACTLY what was agreed upon. This saves lots of “he said, she said” drama from happening in the future, if you can provide evidence from the past.

Always remember, if you’re the pseudo-step-mom, always operate via C.Y.A— Cover Your Ass.

-Miss Anguish

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